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1967 GI Joe Desert Patrol Playset Attack Jeep Misc Scuba Parts Vintage Figures

1967 GI Joe Desert Patrol Playset Attack Jeep Misc Scuba Parts Vintage Figures

$ 947.50

Here is a Vtg Original 1967 GI Joe Desert Patrol Attack Jeep Playset & Misc Scuba Parts.      Make sure to check my listing on a computer to see all the pictures in this sale, I might have missed some, ebay only allows 12 photos in their listing but it seems I can put more in my personal part of the screen.  There is 1 piece on the Jeep that's tailgate section that's has broken off, but I've seen replacements for it fairly cheap.  

Bought this set used in the early 1980s, it's been in storage since then, it's time to go.  This has the original box, Jeep, GI Joe, and more, along with some other pieces from the Scuba diver set.  Ebay only allows 12 pictures to post, I have more and you can request more if you need them.  This set is in very good condition, the box has 2 small puncture holes in the back side but the rest of the box has good color and not much wrong with it other than a little wear.  The Jeep is very good, it has most of the parts that came with it, the tailgate is missing a piece that holds on the right side of the gate, but it stays in place for show.  There are 2 GI Joe's, one is original to the set the other is a cheap replacement probably bought in the late 1970s.  Here's the list of pieces:  Original box, Jeep w/ tailgate, antenna, steering wheel assembly, Tripod for gun, mounting ring, machine gun mount, machine gun w/ ammo, and spare tire.  2 GI Joe's, 1 original, 1 not original, 2 uniforms on Joe's, 1 is desert uniform, 1 is camo uniform, 2 sets of boots on Joe's along with socks on original, also green army helmet and goggles.  Springfield rifle & bayonet, gray machine gun & tripod, ( one of tripod legs just now broke, but I think it was glued anyway). 1 Green uniform top & bottom and 1 camo underwear, 1 desert hat, 4 spotted helmets, 1 white flying helmet, 3 more pairs of boots/shoes, 1 WW2 tommy gun, a flame thrower gun, 2- .45 pistols, 1 army belt w/ 8 utility packs and holster, 1 more utility belt and holster, 1 large green radio w/ handset & antenna, 1 ammo can & 4 grenades, 1 small radio in brown case, 1 map tube & 1 map, 3 sand bags, 4 pieces of greenery, 1canteen & case, and 1 wire reel.  Scuba stuff: 1 vinyl air vest, 1 really nice life preserver vest, 2 swim fins, 1 mask, 1 snorkel, 1 underwater clip board, 1 pair binoculars, 1 dive knife & sheath, 1 signal flash light, 2 red/yellow signal flags, 1 scuba tank w/ orange hose and regular, 1 scuba tank w/ green hose.  1 paper instruction sheet for the Jeep, 1 Army Manual, and 1 color fold out of other GI Joe's you can get.  See pictures or ask for something else.  This will ship at 7 lbs with tracking and insurance.

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